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A rubber band scale free flight model airplane club based in Dayton Ohio

With the explosion of information availability made possible by the internet, we are placing a few helpful pieces of information in this section

It is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will serve to be use to some of you.


Tom's Building Tips
Tom's tips, edited by Stu
original issue July 2008, final edit 4-9-2009
The Care and Feeding of Cox 1/2A Engines, Parts I and II
by Larry Renger
Model Aviation June/July 1996
(note: this is a rather large 10 MB file, it may take a while to load)
Pensacola Free Flight Team - alphabetical list of articles from various club newsletters
this is a great wealth of information
Serendipity EZB
by Jerry Nolin of Fairborn Ohio
Model Aviation January 1988
(note: this is a rather large 2.7 MB file, it may take a while to load)
How to Trim the Hot Free Flight
by Phil Kraft
This is a timeless work of literature. These fundamentals still apply today for all types of models!
Model Airplane News March 1958
Polite 800
by Joe Mekina
This is a summary article with pictures and 3-view of Joe Mekina's Polite 800, a C/D gas shop designed around the K&B 6.6/7.5

If you have some unique helpful info, or a point to another great depository please email it to us for consideration to post here
thanks in advance!

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