McCook Field Squadron
Flying Aces Club

A rubber band scale free flight model airplane club based in Dayton Ohio


Our club is based in the Dayton Ohio area and our primary interest is rubber band scale free flight model airplanes.

We are an officially  sanctioned club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  

Our club is also itself a squadron of the national Flying Aces Club.  We are formally known as the McCook Field Squadron of the Flying Aces Club.

Our members fly primarily from two fields.  Our primary field has become known as Jack-Ass Flats and is located in Huber Heights Ohio.  We fly at this field as guests of the Wayne Pee-Wee Football Association.  Our use of the field is subject to two restrictions.  First, our flying is to be done on a non-interference with the football activities.  Second, no fused DT's or Jetex engines are allowed. (click HERE for a map)

Our secondary field is Waco Field in Troy Ohio.  There we share the field on a non-interference basis with the WACO Barnstormers RC Club as well as the full-scale WACO airfield itself.  This field is best for flying in the early mornings and late evenings when the winds are generally calm. (map and more info to be added later)

While our name implies a connection to the historic McCook Field itself, it is in name only as McCook Field was active only from 1917 -1927.  Since that time the area has since been filled with homes and businesses as well as trees.  Recently however some of the buildings have once again been cleared and there is some talk creating a McCook Field complex. Click HERE to view a recent local news article on this subject.  Unfortunately while the buildings themselves have been torn down, the trees have remained,

We have regular monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month, most of our meetings are at the Huber Heights library, but we also have them at other locations.  Check the "events" link at the left for more info about our meetings.

We hold an annual contest at the AMA National Flying Site in Muncie Indiana.  Check the "events" link at the left for more info about our contest.



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